Second Generation Collapsible Defense System

The SOB II is an evolution of the legendary collapsible defense system pioneered by Special Ops Bunker. It is designed for efficient transport and quick deployment. After all, armor is worthless if you can’t take it with you.

Our unique patented design allows the SOB II to collapse into a single compact unit, small enough to fit in the trunk of a patrol car for transport or storage. It’s even more compact than the original SOB! When you need the SOB II it can be fully deployed in one minute or less. This makes the SOB II ideal for a broad range of tactical deployments.

The SOB II comes standard with modular side shields that can be quickly removed to function as hand-carry shields. The side shields are hinged so they can swing back, offering added protection on the sides; this also allows the SOB II to pass easily through a single doorway. When placed in the forward position the side shields offer a wider overall ballistic protection area.

The SOB Armor System is rigorously tested and certified to exceed NIJ Level IV requirements. Wheels, axles, and run-flat tires can also withstand multiple gunshots.

Key Features

  • Collapsible into a compact portable unit that is easily deployed in under 60 seconds
  • Wheels, axles, and run-flat tires can withstand multiple gunshots
  • Side shields can be quickly removed for use as hand-carry shields
  • Several options available including gun ports, PicatinnyTM rails, lighting/video, and ultralight composite side shields

Ballistic Options

  • NIJ Level III (7.62 NATO Ball M80 149 gr.)
  • NIJ Level III-Plus (7.62x39mm MSC 123 gr, 5.56x45mm M855 62 gr.)
  • NIJ Level IV (.30 CAL AP M2 7.62x63mm 166 gr.)

Total Armor Area

  • 11 square feet without side shields
  • 21 square feet with side shields

Standard Dimensions

  • Deployed: 27” W x 36” D x 74” H
  • With Side Panels (Narrow): 27” W x 36” D x 74” H
  • With Side Panels (Extended): 42” W x 36” D x 74” H
  • Stowed: 27” W x 36” D x 12” H
  • Footprint (stowed horizontal): 27” x 36”
  • Footprint (stowed vertical): 12” x 27


  • Chassis (NIJ Level IV): 224 lbs
  • Removeable Viewport (NIJ Level IV): 90 lbs
  • Chassis + Viewport: 314 lbs
  • Side Panel (NIJ Level IV): 50 lbs
  • Side Panel (NIJ Level III-Plus): 40 lbs
  • Side Panel (NIJ Level III): 29 lbs


SOB II Spec Sheet

SOB II Collapsible Defense System

SOB II Collapsible Defense System

SOB II Collapsible Defense System GH0A9376


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