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The Special Ops Bunker Production Facility in Salt Lake City, USA

The Special Ops Bunker Production Facility in Salt Lake City, USA

The first Special Ops Bunker was created in 2007 at Daw Technologies, LLC, a manufacturing and technology company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Members of a local SWAT team had been unable to find ballistic shields suitable for their operations, and so they approached Daw Technologies hoping to have something designed and manufactured to satisfy their requirements. The SWAT team called the initial products “Special Ops Bunkers” or “SOBs” for short.

Since then SOB Defense Systems have become the most widely used and most recognized name in mobile ballistic protection. SOB Defense Systems are used and trusted by elite military units, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams, government security units, and private institutions worldwide.

SOB Defense Systems are designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City, USA.

Why Special Ops Bunker?

Maximum protection in a versatile design: SOB Defense systems incorporate an optimal balance of protection, mobility, and versatility for real world operations. In an ideal world, an ops team would have impenetrable, mobile, weightless defense systems to protect them from every possible form of danger. In the real world, this level of protection is not practical. Think of being inside an underground nuclear bunker; it offers protection from almost anything, but severely limits operational flexibility! SOB Defense Systems provide the highest level of protection possible while allowing for mobility, agility, and overall versatility in a variety of circumstances.

SOB Defense Systems fill the gap between body armor and armored vehicles. Situations often arise where operators need the confidence and security of head-to-toe ballistic coverage; body armor can’t provide that. Armored vehicles provide excellent coverage, but they cannot be taken through doorways, down hallways, or into elevators. SOB Defense Systems offer protection when and where it is needed so that the heroes return home safely after every operation.


A defense system is useless if it cannot be transported and deployed quickly and easily. For this reason all SOB Defense Systems are designed with mobility in mind.


Because we are responsible for protecting lives we will never compromise on quality.


Few things are worse than deploying equipment only to find that it’s broken or malfunctioning. SOB Defense Systems are designed to be reliable and dependable. We keep moving parts and complex accessories to a minimum, giving our users confidence that when they deploy the SOB it will be 100% functional.


We offer a standard line of SOB Defense Systems as well as custom designs built to the specifications of our customers.