Collapsible Defense System

The SOB is the only personal defense system of it’s kind, offering the ideal mix of ballistic protection and mobility. It is designed for easy transport and quick deployment. After all, armor is worthless if you can’t take it with you.

Our unique patented design allows the SOB to collapse into a single compact unit, small enough to fit in the trunk of a patrol car for transport or storage. When its services are needed, it can be fully deployed in less than twenty seconds. Modular side panels can be attached when additional coverage is needed. Side panels can also function as hand-carry shields.

The SOB is an ideal defense system for first responders, S.W.A.T. teams, barricaded gunman situations, clearing buildings, and hostage negotiation and rescue operations. Responders value the SOB when faced with long guns and assault rifles because it offers head-to-toe protection in situations where body armor offers only limited protection. In essence, the SOB is for anyone who demands maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.

SOB Collapsible Defense System

SOB Deployment animated

Deploys in less than 20 seconds!

Key Features

  • Collapses into a compact portable unit that is easily deployed in less than 20 seconds
  • Optional side panels can be affixed for added width or be used as hand-carry shields
  • Several options available including gun ports, PicatinnyTM rails, and lighting/video
  • One-hand maneuverability keeps the other hand free for weapon use
  • Wheels, axles, and run-flat tires can withstand multiple gunshots
  • Designed to pass through a standard 3’ door () opening

Ballistic Options

  • N.I.J. Level IIIA ( FMJ 124 gr., .44 MAG SWCGC 240 gr.)
  • N.I.J. Level III ( Ball M80 149 gr.)
  • N.I.J. Level III+ (7.62 x (MSC) 123 gr, M855 62 gr)
  • N.I.J. Level IV (CAL. .30 AP M2 166 gr.)

Ballistic Certifications and Test Results

Standard Dimensions

  • Deployed: 32.5”W. x 34”D. x 72”H.
  • Collapsed: 32.5”W. x 34”D. x 13.5”H.
  • Ballistic protection: 20”W. x 72”H.
  • Weight (N.I.J. IIIA): 210 lb ()
  • Weight (N.I.J. III): 242 lb ()
  • Weight (N.I.J. III+): 280 lb ()
  • Weight (N.I.J. IV): 320 lb ()

Side Panel Dimensions

  • 13.5”W. x 1.5”D. x 26”H.
  • Weight (N.I.J. IIIA): 20 lb (9 kg)
  • Height (N.I.J. III): 32 lb (15 kg)
  • Weight (N.I.J. III+): 44 lb (20 kg)
  • Weight (N.I.J. IV): 56 lb (25 kg)

(Dimensions are approximate and subject to change. Please contact us for full specifications.)

SOB in pickup truck

SOB Going Up Stairway


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