The SOB M1

Modular Collapsible Defense System

The SOB M1 is an armored defensive position rated to defeat high powered rifle rounds. It is designed for efficient mobility and transport. Because it can be quickly disassembled it can easily be transported in a vehicle and can be stored in a more compact form.

This is a modular system with four individual components (1 chassis, 1 viewport panel, 2 central armor panels, 4 optional side armor panels). The components fit together securely using a proprietary fastening system. No tools are required for assembly, and there are no loose nuts, bolts, or fasteners to fumble around with. A trained operator can completely assemble the system in 60 seconds or less.

Four side panels or “wings” can be instantly extended for extra frontal coverage, or retracted to increase lateral coverage or to pass through doors. The upper wings also have a carry handle allowing the wings to be quickly removed and used as hand-carry shields. A hinged toe plate protects feet and ankles and defends against skip rounds.The bolts integrated into the armor system are tested and certified to the same standards as the armor.

The system rolls on 8” diameter solid double wheels with 360° steering capability; steering can be locked independently on each wheel to suit various situations. Each wheel can also be locked independently. Wheels are tested and proven to remain functional after taking multiple gunshots.

When removed the center armor panels and viewport panel can be stowed and transported in the chassis itself while side panels are stored in a rolling case. An optional storage dock can be used that secures the system and side panels for storage and transport.

Ballistic Options (NIJ 0108.01 Standard)

  • Level 3-Plus (7.62x39mm MSC 123 gr, 5.56x45mm M855 62 gr)
  • Level 4 (.30 CAL AP M2 7.62x63mm 166 gr)

Total Armor Area

  • Total Armor Area: 11 sq ft without side panels
  • 21 sq ft with side panels


Overall Height: 73.8 in, 187.4 cm
Overall Width: 41.8 in, 106.1 cm (wings extended)
Overall Width: 25.2 in, 64.1 cm (wings retracted)
Wheel Diameter: 8 in, 20.3 cm

Weight per Shield

LEVEL 3-Plus
Entire System: 431 lbs (195 kg)
Chassis: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Center Panels (2): 45 lbs (20 kg) each
Viewport Panel: 58 lbs (26 kg)
Side Panels (4): 42 lbs (19 kg) each

Entire System: 484 lbs (220 kg)
Chassis: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Center Panels (2): 52 lbs (24 kg) each
Viewport Panel: 62 lbs (28 kg)
Side Panels (4): 49 lbs (22 kg) each

Optional Features

  • Set of 4 Side Panels (includes Pelican case)
  • Foxfury Taker B50 Shield Light, 1000 Lumens
  • Sliding gun port

SOB M1 Spec Sheet



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