Instant .50 CAL AP Fortification

The SOB CHECKPOINT Defense System offers protection from the most aggressive ammunition while maintaining as much mobility as possible. The SOB CHECKPOINT is rated to stop the .50 CAL AP armor piercing round. When the situation requires this level of ballistic defense the SOB CHECKPOINT is a versatile, adaptable solution.

No matter how you look at it, armor capable of stopping the .50 CAL AP round is heavy; yet our proprietary ballistic material minimizes overall weight while still allowing for mobility and portability. The SOB CHECKPOINT comes standard with forklift access points and can be readily moved and transported to create instant fortifications. The CHECKPOINT can also be fitted with casters and a toe apron allowing it to be maneuvered upon smoother surfaces and within indoor facilities. It can also be mounted on a trailer to provide a truly mobile checkpoint solution.

Common applications include security checkpoint protection, industrial security applications, power plant security, and mobile command center fortification.

Key Features

  • Head-to-toe ballistic coverage
  • Defeats up to .50 CAL AP armor piercing ammunition
  • Several options available including Picatinny™ rails and lighting/video
  • Forklift access points or caster configurations for mobility
  • Situational gun ports and gun rests in multiple configurations

Ballistic Options

  • N.I.J. Level IIIA (9mm FMJ 124 gr., .44 MAG SWCGC 240 gr.)
  • N.I.J. Level III (7.62mm Ball M80 149 gr.)
  • N.I.J. Level III+ (7.62 x 39mm (MSC) 123 gr, 5.56mm M855 62 gr)
  • N.I.J. Level IV (CAL. .30 AP M2 166 gr.)
  • CAL. .50 AP M2 708 gr. (Armor Piercing)

Standard Dimensions

  • 90”W. x 32”D. x 75”H.
  • 2200 lbs

(Dimensions are approximate and subject to change. Please contact us for full specifications. This product is regularly manufactured to customer specifications.)

SOB Checkpoint Rear

SOB Checkpoint Lift Point Detail